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Process automation control of paint production
Resin production process control
Informatization and automation combined
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Process automation control of paint production

Automation pipeline transportation and automatic measurement of material (liquid/powder):
By using loadcells and instrumentations , or mass flow meters , to control the pumps and valves automatically , automation system receive a safe, accurate and reliable feeding.



Paint production workshop


Paint workshop control room


Process automation control of paint production


BATCH control of paint production


Technical Features:
1.With profibus communication instrumentation, communication speed compared to the traditional control system improves more than a hundred times, which improves the control accuracy effectively.
2. The plus or regulating valve control mode can be used to improve the accuracy of the feeding ,which makes the precision of feeding controlled within a thousandth .
3. Site control and central control  combined , to improve the flexibility and accuracy of the system.
4. Integrated automation control makes human consumption to a minimum, and separate measurement of the powder, auxiliaries, and large quantities of materials can be achieved.
5. According to production recipe , system has function of controling the speed , rising and falling automatically and chain protection of agitator , can achive remote and unmanned operation of sander.
6. Production process with full records and reports automatically .

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